Janie and I are so blessed to be have an organization that desires to
share a message
of hope and love
with people."


We have thousands and thousands of   Freedom at Home Team members nationwide.

Together we are going to educate more and more people about our services  and our wonderful  business opportunity.

No  more 8-5.



There is a better way”

We see  more and more  parents firing their bosses and coming home to their families

We see more and more of our team members achieving
6 figure  incomes.

By next year,  We SEE A STRONGER, BIGGER
Freedom at Home Team SURROUNDED by leaders that have  a  giving spirit.

Imagine the impact we will have in the world!

We  feel so blessed to be in this business and to be around entrepreneurs.

To be around people that want to live their lives THEIR WAY..

It is always an honor and privilege to be in this business.

All of you  are so dear to us.

We are looking forward  to  going  thru this amazing journey  called  "Freedom at Home" with you.

Janie and Michael Jones, NVP's


Message  to our Freedom at Home Team members from our National Sales Directors...

It doesn't matter...
Who you once were.
How much money you have or don't have.
What sins and regrets you may carry within your heart
from the past or present.
What hardships you have endured so far in this life.
What others may think of you or
If you have no experience in network marketing...

What does matter...
For you, my friend, to realize your own worth. To know
you are worthy of the dreams and desires you keep
tucked away within your heart and soul. What does
matter, that  for once in your life, you found within you
the courage and strength to realize your own great potential, that you stop making excuses for why your dreams, desires, wishes and wants are not important.

From one friend to another, from one Ameriplan ibo to another, I want to gently remind you of a few things you may have forgotten along the way....

You are beautiful.
You have many gifts, and it is up to you to use them.
You are perfect as you are, imperfections and all.
You have a light shining within you, and the power to use
it for your own greater good.
You have been your own worst enemy for way to long.

Embrace yourself, love yourself, and know that whatever your own personal dreams, desires and goals you may have in this life, that you do have everything within you to make that your own reality.

The excuses you come up with, the reasons why you
can't are merely symptoms of your fear. If I never do another thing to inspire you or motivate you, I want YOU
to find your passion and your purpose, and start today in becoming the powerful woman or man that  you have always been destined to be.

You have a purpose. You can and you will do this....why? Because we were once like you, and we decided once
and for all to do everything we could to step up and build our Ammeriplan business.  To create a legacy for our family.  We get one life, one chance...do not waste it on fear, regret or self-loathing. ..Stop hiding in the shadows, stand up, stand out and SHINE....

It IS YOUR TIME to shine. This has been going on long enough. You can do this business, and if you need a helping hand, a friend, encouragement, you can always count on the Freedom at Home team.

What are you waiting for?

Janie and Michael Jones &
          Freedom at Home Team NSD's
$450,000 income earners.

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